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DW: Aroon Thaksin by Getsuei-san DW: Aroon Thaksin by Getsuei-san
For :iconthedigitalwar:

Name: Aroon Thaksin

Nickname; Roo

Gender: male

Height: 5 ft 9 in.

Eyes: gray

Hair: dark brown

Sexual Orientation: heterosexual

Nationality: Thailand

DOB:  September 19, 1997

Birthplace: Surat Thani, Thailand

Age: 17



    -          Khemkhaeng Thaksin (father)

    -          Mela Thaksin (mother)

    -          Unnamed paternal grandparents


Digivice: digital watch

Digital Shard: Love :iconshardloveplz:


Voice: Rick Gomez think Zack Fair from FFVII:CC except with an Australian accent. He usually hides his accent anyways…


Theme song:

    -          Aroon’s –… Skyscraper

    -          Wally’s -… Undethe Sea



“Life is a puzzle and the present is simply one piece of that puzzle. Sometimes it’s jumbled and you can’t find the right fit, but eventually things fall into place and make a whole picture.”


Personality: Aroon is mostly laidback, usually taking things lightly. But he also isn’t very good with expressing his feelings, usually denying things when they are actually true; this is a habit that he still has since before he became caring. He confides all his secrets and truths to Wally (so ask Wally for anything ;)), preferring to trust his closest companion among everyone else. Even though he is quite friendly with everyone, he has a hard time trusting people because he’s afraid of being mocked again or picked on.


Despite this, he’s compassionate and empathetic towards many (humans, digimon and animals) and despite being duped a few number of times, he’ll still listen to others and try to help them. He’s all for justice so he will not cheat and cannot stand people being picked on or mocked by anyone. He hates people who mistreat their pets, digimon and/or friends and is willing to stand up for a complete stranger.


But underneath all that, he is easily fooled and may take jokes or comments seriously thus why he refuses to involve himself in the online world of texting (otherwise, he’d probably start a flame-war). He can easily sulk if he gets a bad grade or if Wally makes fun of him. He loves to listen to music and go out for a swim and especially being around people and friends.


History: Aroon was born in Thailand to an Australian mother and Taiwanese father. When he was a baby, his family moved to Australia where he lived until he was five years old. His father worked in an airlines and his mother was a nurse, they moved to Thailand because of his dad’s work. Aroon was then enrolled into a school, but he had problems with his speech and the fact that he had an Australian accent, the other kids made fun of him. Many of the kids refused to sit with him or play with him because they thought him funny and weird; Aroon (not the brightest child) thought this normal for most of his elementary years until he entered junior high where things got worse.


They moved to another area in Thailand when Aroon was 12 and he was entered into a junior high. The boys there made fun of his accent, but when he didn’t show much signs of being affected; they took to bullying him by spilling milk on him, dropping his food, ripping his homework, pushing him against the locker and such. Aroon ignored this the few weeks, but when he finally snapped and insulted the bullies, he got punched in the face and that was what broke Aroon. After that he started getting into fights, ditched some classes to avoid the bullies and missed homework; soon he began ditching school all together. His parents found out and he was grounded for the rest of his life, resulting in him not having any TV or any electronic devices and having to go to counseling. When this didn’t seem to work, his father decided it was time they moved to a new environment, thinking it’d help Aroon.


So they moved to Japan where Aroon’s paternal grandparents lived. This did help Aroon, he wasn’t bullied anymore and he started practicing to hide his accent, but he was the one doing the bullying now. He mimicked how he got bullied with other kids, but kept his grades at a good rate to keep his parents uninvolved and when he got into fights; he’d make sure it was far away from his school. This continued until he entered high school where he had his first crush on a girl, but unbeknownst to him, he was bullying her brother so when he confessed to her, she flat out rejected him and scolded him. Depressed, he went to a beach to be alone, but he saw some kids cracking sea turtle eggs and throwing baby sea turtles around. Aroon took out his anger on the kids, but they ran away before he could do any serious harm. He saw the mess of the poor sea turtles and broke down and cried, realizing he was those kids and all the people he ever bullied was those poor baby sea turtles, helpless to defend themselves, letting others do what they would because they had nothing else to do. He went home and confessed everything to his family (and received punishments).


The next day he went to his crush and told her how sorry he was and that he understood why she didn’t like him because he didn’t either. He apologized to her brother too, but her brother told him the only way for him to forgive him was if Aroon became his bodyguard. Aroon half-heartedly agreed. As a form of contract, the girl’s brother gave him a laptop in exchange for Aroon’s favorite shoes; Aroon was confused on this ‘contract’ but agreed to it anyways. When he went home, still very depressed, he went to sleep early only for the laptop to randomly turn on and scroll through a list of codes that Aroon didn’t understand. Suddenly, a flash of light appeared and a weird plushie ‘attacked’ him. Aroon tried throwing the plushie back into the laptop but ended up destroying it. The plushie then introduced itself as Tadpomon, but Aroon was freaking out so he ran off to the school (he doesn’t have a phone to call anyone) hoping the boy would still be there. But he only found the boy’s sister who told him that the only reason her brother gave him that laptop was because he thought it was malfunctioned.


Aroon returned home with intentions to get rid of the giant tadpole thing, but Tadpomon started crying, calling Aroon a bully for trying to whack him with a frying pan and calling him bad names (‘plushie and stuff animal’). Aroon broke down and cried because he didn’t want to be known as a bully anymore and he was tired of the life he lived. Tadpomon told Aroon that, ‘So long as you be my best friend, I will no longer call you a bully. And so long as you protect others, people will no longer call you a bully.' Since then, Aroon has become best of friends with Tadpomon (Wally) and he started protecting people from bullies and straightening out his attitude thus now he is the person he is today.




-           music

-           money (not that he’s greedy, more like he likes to collect things)

-           digimon

-           fishes (as pets)

-           boats

-           kangaroos

-           beaches

-           technology

-           distance

-           watches

-           his family



-           planes

-           bullies

-           close contact

-           anything old-fashion

-           iphones

-           winter

-           pandas

-           cigarettes

-           tear jerkers

-           fingerprints on any form of screen

-           his past self


Extra Information:

-           He can play the trumpet

-           When he’s nervous, he runs his fingers through his hair

-           He’s single

-           Belugmon taught him how to swim

-           He used to work at a library, but now works as a waiter in a café (part time).

-           He’s terrified of planes

-           He calls his digimon partner Wally because he thinks that there might be other people out there calling their digimon by their form names.

-           He originally has an Australian Accent

-           He has a collection of money: all 50 quarters of the U.S, pennies since 1960 to present, dollars (1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 100 etc.), and more collections of Australian currency and Thai too.

-           He learned to hide his accent, but sometimes slips when he’s excited. He still says ‘mate’ with or without his accent.

-           He used to be tan when he lived in Australian



Digimon Partner: a.k.a Wally


Voice: Todd Haberkorn…


Fresh - Tadpomon:

-           Spit Ball – spits on people with saliva from his mouth

-           Ram – uses his whole body to slam into anything


Tadpomon is based off a tadpole and his name is taken from the word tadpole


As Tadpomon, Wally is a bit more spoiled and a crybaby, but he keeps his overall caring and friendly personality. He’s rather happy most of the times, hopping around and preferring to cuddle with everyone. He loves splashing in mud and water. He whines a lot. He jumps to conclusions easily.


In-training - Porpoimon:

-           Water Spiral – (only available in water), swims around in circles until a small water sprout appears, he then slaps it with his fin to the direction of enemy.

-           Bubble Bam – spits small bubbles from mouth; upon contact they pop and leave a loud ringing noise in enemies’ ears (however, it can be used again him)


Porpoimon is based off a porpoise and his name is taken from the word porpoise


As Porpoimon, Wally is a little more serious than as Tadpomon, but more playful too. He likes to pull on things and nudge Aroon, but overall is the same; is a little whiny. He tends to agree with most people even if they aren’t right.


Rookie - Belugmon:

-           Fin Slap – swims behind enemies and lashes out his fin

-           Fountain – through his blowhole, he can shoot out water

-           Lullaby – his beluga singing puts enemies to sleep

-           Torpedo – spins vigorously and slams into enemy.


Belugmon is based off a beluga and his name is taken from the word beluga. However, although he resembles a beluga, his body is much more like a seal as he can go on land too but is more adapt to being in the water


As Belugmon, Wally is more considerate and less hyper than his previous forms, but he is still a little whiny and playful, but he prefers being in water than land (he can go on land). He daydreams more in this form and likes sleeping.


Champion - Pinnipmon:

    -          Bounce – from his mouth, he develops a ball of water, bounces on his nose and then tail slaps it towards enemies.

    -          Hollering Waves – hollers out towards enemies, creating a small lapping waves all while his hollers echo and temporarily deafen enemies.

    -          Bubble Shield – encasing himself and others in a sphere of impenetrable water (thunder can break it, though)


Pinnipmon is based off a seal lion, however his name is taken from the clade name of seals, pinnipeds


Pinnipmon is an extremely happy seal who will shout when he’s happy, though, if he’s angry he’ll be quiet and creepily stare at you to observe movements. But he only does that when he’s extremely angry, otherwise he’s almost always laughing.


Ultimate - GrayWhamon:

-           Tsunami – generates a great tidal wave that destroys everything

-           Blow – takes a gulp of air (or water) to bring enemies closer then lets out a deep exhale to blow enemies away and out of balance.

-           Siren – makes whale noises to deafen enemies temporarily.


GrayWhamon is based off a gray whale; he’s like a cousin towards Whamon and his name is taken from the word gray whale


Graywhamon is harsh and serious, but don’t let this fool you, he’s still jolly with the exemption that he doesn’t make much jokes and doesn’t care for gossip. He’ll charge in to protect people, but he’ll calculate how to do it first.


Mega - Palaemon:

-           Geyser Blast – creates a rush of water that bursts out in a tower

-           Tidal Wave – swims around in circles to create a tsunami in all directions

-           Hydro Shield – creates a giant bubble that shields around a target


Palaemon is named off the minor Greek god; he appears a man


Wally as Palaemon is serious, but jolly. He can sometimes be a bit rude, often teasing Aroon more often than usual. He is not afraid to charge in the heat of battle. He listens to the ocean to gain information on what he can to either use for help or gossip. He’s wiser in this form.

Oh my God, this took me forever//rolls. I hope I get it! Gosh, work's killing me

Here's links to bigger pictures 

Art (C) Getsuei-san
Aroon (C) Getsuei-san

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VelkynKarma Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Aroon looks pretty cool too!

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Yeah, when making Wally I was having difficulty because I didn't know how Aroon would be with his digimon if it was always in water so I was like, Gomamon is like a seal and is on land so why not make a whale on land. Hahaha, my sister said that it was kind of creepy.

And thank you again!!!!
VelkynKarma Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, yeah Gomamon was a very strange Digimon in general in the story. He had no direct attack...his line was kinda bizarre (seal > giant hairy unicorn walrus > viking turtle thing?), and I always felt sorry for him 'cause he was the only Digimon in the first season who was a quadruped (I mean technically Patamon too but he was always sitting up on his hind legs or flying). There were plenty of instances where poor Gomamon needed help climbing or moving around because he was so obviously built for the water (I think the dub even lampshaded it once..."I wonder what it's like to have elbows?") Fortunately he was small enough Jo could pick him up and carry him around easily enough. I dunno how big Wally is and if that's a possibility if they need to move fast, 'cause it might help :XD:

No prob :D

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