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What? Seriously?!
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Belgumon Doll by Ani-Sempai

I like anime, manga, and video games especially RPGs. I am also known as the Game Master or Game Junkie. I am trying to improve on my art skills and I like admiring other people's art.

Current Residence: Traverse Town
Favourite genre of music: Country, a little of pop and rock
Favourite style of art: Anime/Manga, Realistic or 3D
Favourite cartoon character: Sephiroth, Vincent, Tifa, Kairi, Aqua, Aang, Katara, Korra, Tenzin, Lin, Hope, Sazh, Serah, Squall, Riku, and a trizillion of others!
Personal Quote: I don't need another person to tell me I'm wrong, I just need your love to guide me and help me move on.

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According to this quiz... the most Kingdom Hearts character I am is...
What Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Character Are You?
What Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Character Are You?
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Wow, last journal post was what...? A year ago? 

I'm not sure what to say exactly? I hadn't meant to be absent so long, I know I posted a picture of Quinn (?) but that's all I came here to do but hopefully I can get back to drawing?

My laptop caught a virus so that's out of commission so I'm a little down about that, I wasn't able to get it fix despite getting a summer job. Job's over now though and school's starting back up, but enough of depressing news, let's get on to some good news~

- I got Arkham Knight, been running around Riddle hunting to try and capture the Riddler. I think the riddles are easier here than in Arkham City or maybe I just didn't spend too much time trying to gather them. I also played Arkham Origins and it was quite short or at least it felt like it was, but that was the game I finished this break so I'm happy I finished something.
- I have 3 more days in KH Days (after owning that game for 2 or more years, I'm finally about to finish it). It's not like it was hard or anything, I'm trying to get all the emblems and missions. Though it has its fun moments, I felt like I had to force myself to play it because of the tedious missions and it just kind of lacked the adventure from the other KH games but it picked up towards the end. Also, so hype for KHIII news~ I hope they put Treasure Planet in there, I don't care what people say I liked the movie and I would love to meet Captain Amelia as Sora and have Jim in the party. 
- I've gone back to writing! Fallen Moon's script is almost entirely different with some scenes having been added on. Unfortunately, I'm not going to post anymore of it here or in Fiction Press and am going to dump it in stash or something but if you'd like to read it, feel free to note me~. Fate's Still is also being edited so I'm going to take it down from Fiction Press and repost the new version, the main theme's the same and characters so no worries there. I'm also going to try and finish whatever fanfiction I have posted on I feel bad that many of them have been left unfinished even though I know what's going to happen. So I'm going to try and finish the one I've had since I was in junior high (I'm Always with You) but now I gotta watch Gundam 00 from scratch :P.
- I've been reading a bunch of manga lately but since most of the popular manga have now been translated, they've been taken down :(. Luckily, I finished Tokyo Ghoul before that happened! I saw the first volume at Barnes and Noble in the new section and I was like phew, already read that B-). Also, I downloaded an App called MangaBird in by phone so I can read manga without having to need a comp but the thing is it only works without wifi so yeah...

What else? Oh! FFXV, haha, been under development for so long it's not going to be anything what I expected. I was sad Stella was removed (many people were like why is everyone sad that Stella's gone?) Well, my reasons was this I liked Stella's design and I loved the concept of her being good but perhaps being forced to go up against Noctis. I really wanted to know what the 'unique relationship' they were going to have, like ok, childhood friend turned enemy or Romeo and Juliet or not love interest at all? I don't know but I don't know much about Lunafreya but she's engaged to Noctis so I was disappointed (I can't judge her character though). I feel like we've already got every FF game with a love interest being the main girl (exception being XIII, V and...? Whatever else.)

FFVII remake is happening lol, but I think it'd be like 2018 or something before it comes out. I don't know, prove me wrong Square Enix. I'm hype though I reeeeaaaalllly hope Cloud's design is his original design not his advent children design cause it really surprised me in Crisis Core when he pulled his helmet off and he looked like his advent children design. Then you look at Dissidia and KH and he has his original hairstyle.

Maybe I'm being picky :P, who knows? I'm running on no sleep for 24 hrs and typing this, so sorry if I'm incoherent or illogical. So what's up with everyone else? Any game you hyped for? Any good anime/manga you've seen that you can recommend? 
  • Mood: Astonished
  • Listening to: Angel with a shotgun
  • Reading: Project K
  • Watching: Free! Eternal Summer, Castle Town Dandelion, K
  • Playing: KH358/2 Days, Arkham Knight
  • Eating: Whatever I cooked
  • Drinking: Water

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